Innovation for a sustainable future
Li-ion Batteries Manufacturing

Innovative and sustainable solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, campers, boats and yachts

Due to our experience based on several years of R&D activity in automotive industry, ElecSys France has become a global supplier of Li-ion batteries and provides to market modular and re-configurable high power Li-ion batteries designed and developed successfully for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), 100% Electric Vehicles (EV), Electric and Hybrid motorboats, yachts, vans and concept cars.

ElecSys France’s long life and high reliable batteries can also be used as a power backup solution especially for Telecom and Data Centres and as a stationary energy storage solution in Solar, Wind and Grid energy applications.

ElecSys France’s high power Li-ion batteries consist of an assembly of single cells and each battery pack includes a Battery Management with Interface (BMI) developed completely by ElecSys France, which is supervising the battery operation and monitoring battery parameters via the CAN Bus interfaces.

ElecSys France supplies its all battery packs with a special operating software (BMS), display devices, stack controller, power interface and cell interfaces.

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Our markets
ElecSys France provides different size and re-configurable Lithium-Ion battery packs for different types of Electric Vehicles (EV), including hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), and pure battery electric vehicles (BEV).
We are capable of offering different level of hybridization solutions especially for Watercraft, Boats, Campers, Yachts for to keep them at their peak performance
ElecSys France also manufactures high-voltage Li-Ion battery modules and packs which consists of a capacity up to 1000Ah for any types of Light and Medium Duty Trucks & Vans.
Energy storage provides stored electricity to the grid and stable power output from renewable energy such as wind and solar. ElecSys France has developed a modular and flexible solution that supplies a wide range of capacity to meet all spectrum of customer requirements in terms of achieving full utilization of renewable energy sources.
We use our lithium-ion battery technologies to develop further energy storage systems as a back-up power provider for household applications, telecom & data centres, commercial and industrial facilities.
Technical Documents
13.44kWh – 224 Volt
Li-ion Battery

23.04kWh – 384 Volt
Li-ion Battery

17.28kWh – 48 Volt
Li-ion Battery

8.64kWh – 48 Volt
Li-ion Battery

8.64kWh – 24 Volt
Li-ion Battery

4.32kWh – 24 Volt
Li-ion Battery

4.32kWh – 12 Volt
Li-ion Battery

2.16kWh – 12 Volt
Li-ion Battery